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CONSUMER WARNING: Beware of Unauthorized Resellers, found on the Internet, that falsely claim to be Authorized Laser Interceptor Resellers!! Any devices purchased from ANY Unauthorized Resellers are ineligible for Warranty, are older, refurbished or knock off/clones. ONLY Genuine Laser Interceptor devices purchased from Authorized Distributors are eligible for Warranty and Upgrades. In the USA Laser Interceptor USA and in Canada, Laser Interceptor Canada are the sole Factory Authorized Distributors. Email us if you have doubts as to the authenticity of any device(s) proported to be a Genuine Laser Interceptor from any retailers or reseller especially beware of fake knocks-off devices from China and Taiwan.



Laser Interceptor is an Anti Laser type active Laser Jammer, which means it sends out beams blocking police lasers, as opposed to radar detectors that will only warn you your speed has been measured. Laser Interceptor is a LIDAR triggered Laser Jammer that transmits a Jamming Beam only upon detection of a LIDAR signal and does so for the duration of that signal and then immediately disengages when that signal is no longer detected. Laser Interceptor will then immediately reengage again upon the detection of another LIDAR Signal(s). The Laser Interceptor Laser Jammer consists of two units. Each unit consists of a receiver and a transmitter. Both are installed on the front of the vehicle. Additional sensors can be purchased to protect the rear of the vehicle as well. Every time the device is turned on, it performs a self test after which welcome sound is played. The transceiver unit has two built-in sensors that are sensitive to laser beams. When the sensor receives a laser beam, it forwards the impulse to a high speed microprocessor, which then analyzes it and sends corresponding impulses to transmitter LASER.


Radiation emitted by LASER diodes cannot harm your eyesight, it is class 1M by EC60825-1. Both units are synchronized, which increases the jamming effect. When a lidar device receives the impulses from a vehicle with a built-in Laser Interceptor, it will not be able to measure the speed, because it will get the wrong information about the current distance from the vehicle and therefore will not show the speed. Every time an attempt is made to measure your speed, the device will warn you with an audio warning sound and a Voice Alert as to the type of LIDAR being used. Also, the device will warn you when the sensor is blinded by the sun, since the sun is a strong source of all wave lengths, including the one lasers work on. This can happen when you are driving toward the sun or when the sun is close to the horizon. The device has a built-in thermo regulation so as to work optimally in extreme temperature conditions. The housing is made from black plasticized aluminum, with an optical lens on the front, and is resistant to mechanical damage.


New 9.0 Sensor with DIN Connector:





Our New Ver. 9.0 Sensors Feature:

- A New Proprietary German designed 115W Pulsed Laser Diode vs the previous 75W that utilizes a new metal housing and is more powerful and robust allowing for better Jamming specifically against the newer high frequency LIDARs such as the new LTI TruSpeed S and future Higher Frequency LIDARs.

- New PCB design Architecture provides better stability especially in temperature extremes.

- New sensor cable with Mini DIN connector 1 meter from the sensor for easier and faster installation and removal especially for vehicles for which routine maintenance requires the removal of the bumper(s).

- New shielded cable type that provides faster signal response time (less signal delay via increased velocity factor) over the previous CAT5 cable and has greatly enhanced Anti-Interference (EMI, RFI) characteristics. 

-  A New BMW Vertical Sensor Model with the Laser Diode mounted vertically so the beam shape is horizontal when vertically mounted for those with vehicles that use vertical grill configurations specifically, BMW, but also for Lincoln, Buick etc.


The weatherproof Aluminum Enclosures holds a delicate circuitry for infrared laser light detection, and a high power, infrared Laser Diode. The incoming infrared light is focused by Optical Culmunator on the the detection diodes, and then amplified and processed. The Laser Diode emits similar pulses to those transmitted by LIDAR. As our design uses a real Laser Diode, exactly the same device used by police LIDAR Guns, instead of the cheap, infrared LEDs found in TV remote controls, it is much more powerful, effective and reliable.






CPU Size

4-7/8"L x 2-1/4"W x 7/8"H
Operating temperature -22°F to 158°F (-30°C to +70°C)
Laser Wavelength 904 nm (pulsed laser diode) 
Power input 12V to 15V, 700mA max. (70mA standby)
Laser Class


Class 1 Laser Product (Eye Safe)

This product is compliant with Laser Product Performance Standards: US FDA 21 CFR, Part 1, Sub J, 1040.10 &.11



32-Bit, RISC. Current Hardware Revision: Ver. 3.3

Software Version 8.16A, Rev. 3.3 (1/2014) Now with FREE User Downloadable Firmware Upgrades.

Selectable Timed Jamming Capabilities and V1™ RADAR Voice Alerts Interface

Sensor size 3-1/8"L x 13/16"W x 9/16"H
Sensor wire length 18 Feet (6 Meters)
PC interface RS232 Sub D-9
Voice alert language English (default. other languages available)
Tested on the following LIDAR units

LTI - Marksman 20.20
LTI - UltraLyte, LR, 100, 100LR, 200, 200LR, Compact, LRB
TruSpeed, TruSpeed "S", TruCam and EU VPR TruSpeed enabled
Redflex - Lasercam, Lasercam NT
Jenoptik - LaserPatrol
Jenoptik - Laveg, Video-Laveg 
Leivtec XV3 (also known as Leica XV3)
Multanova - StarLaser
Robot - TraffiPatrol, V
Sagem - MestaLaser
Truvelo - Lidar, D-Cam
Kustom - ProLaser 
Kustom - ProLaser II
Kustom - ProLaser III
Kustom - ProLaser IV
Kustom - Pro-Lite 
Kustom - LaserCam II
Laser Ally
NJL Kft - SCS-101/SCS-102
Riegl - LR90-235
Stalker - LZ-1 and the NEW Stalker LR
Laser Atlanta - Torch, SpeedLaser, S, R, Stealth Mode I & II
Cleartone - Stealth SpeedLaser
Fama - famaLaser II
Fama - famaShot III
Traffic Observer - LMS 291/221/04/05/06
TSS Laser 500
Ultralyte LR100
Vitronic PoliscanSpeed
Traffipatrol XR





LI DUAL Components:




  • CPU box with built in 90 db Speaker for Audio Alerts, RS-232 Connector for User Changes via the LI User's Software
  • OPTIONAL PA/JAM Selection Switch (Allows the User to instantly switch the LI from JAM to PA MODE)
  • Power switch with built in LED Indicator for ON/OFF and Flashes upon LIDAR Detection and Jamming
  • CPU unit power connector with provisions for MUTE as well as an External, User Provided Speaker
  • Installation accessories, Stainless mounting hardware, 4 L-Type and 2 Aluminum brackets (Optional), bubble-level for sensor installation and zip-ties

LI QUAD Components:



  • CPU box with built in 90 db Speaker for Audio Alerts, RS-232 Connector for User Changes via the LI User's Software
  • OPTIONAL PA/JAM Selection Switch (Allows the User to instantly switch the LI from JAM to PA MODE)
  • Power switch with built in LED Indicator for ON/OFF and Flashes upon LIDAR Detection and Jamming
  • CPU unit power connector with provisions for MUTE as well as an External, User Provided Speaker
  • Installation accessories, Stainless mounting hardware, 4 L-Type and 4 Aluminum brackets (2 Front Optional), bubble-level for sensor installation and zip-ties


What is the difference between the Standard Laser interceptor Models and the High Power (HP) Versions?

Our HP Laser Interceptors are designed for those who want the Ultimate Laser Countermeasures with enhanced capabilities to address the hardest of LIDAR scenarios to protect against such as larger vehicles and trucks as well as high axis and wide axis attacks (from an overpass or far off the side of the road). The HP models have not one but two Laser Diode Emitting devices, one vertically polarized and the other horizontally, giving the HP models 40% more "effective" jamming power vs. the standard LI but most importantly, they have a Vertical as well as a Horizontal component (shape) to the beam whilst the standard LI only has a horizontal component so the effect down range at the police LIDAR Gun is much more effective!



Why Laser Interceptor Over Other Countermeasure Devices?


The Most Protection At Any Price

There are a lot of LIDAR Countermeasures (Laser Jammers) on the market. Some are the same price as ours, some cheaper and some more expensive. None of them offers the level of protection of the Laser Interceptor for the price. You can't beat it!


Dual Receivers

Usually, two is better than one. In the case of laser pulse detection, obviously this is the case as well. The better the detection, the better the Jamming!



We don't take anything for granted. Our hardware and software is super accurate, down to 0.000000001 pps!! That's better than most LIDAR units!


Fast, 128 Bit - 200 Mhz RISC High Speed Processor

Speed and accuracy ensures quick processing times with precise timing necessary to defend against the latest LIDAR threats.


Powerful Laser Diodes

More power is usually better. Unlike most other Laser Countermeasures, we use a new, powerful 115W Pulsed Laser Diode (the same device used in actual Police LIDAR Guns) to ensure maximum effectiveness.


No "JAM" Codes

Unlike the competition, when actively jamming a LIDAR unit, there is no "JAM" codes on the laser gun display. The LIDAR operator has no idea they are being  jammed.


Parking Aid Mode

Would you like to have a simple parking aid which beeps when a solid object is in front of the unit? Maybe you only want to  use the LI as a parking unit? This feature is built in.


Easy Installation

There is only one cable leading each sensor to the CPU. Once each sensor is properly installed and leveled, connections to the CPU mounted inside the Cockpit are made easy with simple, snap-in RJ12 Connectors and a single Molex type Connector for the CPU's 12V and other ancillary functions. Mounting the LED equipped switch completes the installation.


New LIDAR? LI Is Firmware Upgradeable!

All our units are Firmware upgradeable and are never obsolete and the Newest Generation 8 Laser Interceptor now features FREE User Downloadable Updates! When new LIDAR threats are deployed by Law Enforcement, newly released firmware can be downloaded in to the device to address and defeat these and any future LIDAR threats. 


LI-USA Exclusive 2 Year Limited Warranty

We provide a Two Year Warranty on Components and Workmanship. Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee on the Laser Diode component itself!


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